A Word About the Herbster Smelt Fry


On Saturday, April 29, the Herbster Log Gym was the scene of another successful fundraiser for the Herbster Community Club. Hundreds of diners came for the good food and listened throughout the event for their names to be called as winners of the huge quantity of door prizes until at 7:00 p.m. the raffle prize winners were drawn and announced. The duration of the event was busy for the volunteers who worked for a common cause and it was an exciting time for those who showed their support by way of attending. There could be many other adjectives used to describe those associated with this event, but there is one word that stikes me as the most appropriate.

It takes, well, a village and in this case Herbster, to put on the Smelt Fry. A forward looking committee begins planning in January, followed by the gathering of raffle prizes, designing advertising, and writing promotional news stories in February. In March raffle tickets, advertising, and the promotional stories hit the printing presses and volunteers donate their time, fuel, and vehicles to gather non-parishable supplies. In April another group of volunteers springs into action, that being the collectors of the door prizes previously mentioned, and those involved in placing and picking up the food orders. Just prior to the event a crew sets up the tables and chairs in the Herbster Log Gym for the serving line, diners, and ticket sales. The day of the Smelt Fry is when you can see the volunteers out in force manning their stations, but let’s not forget the unseen workers in the kitchen. All of the people I have referred to could be occupying their time elsewhere, but instead choose to give that time for the greater good.

Let me once again bring up the door prizes. We at the Herbster Community Club are grateful to and heartened by the large number of businesses and individuals who willingly and generously give to help our cause.

I promised you one word to describe all of those associated with the Herbster Smelt Fry, and that word is generous.

Herbster Communtiy Club 2017 Smelt Fry Raffle Prize Winners

  1. Roger Peck – $500 Grand Prize – Donated by: White River Ag Products &  Herbster Community Club
  2. Keith Tretinyak – Handmade Quilt – Donated by: South Shore Quilters
  3. Yvonne Cox – Char Broil Gas Grill – Donated by: Dale Fuller
  4. Brett Klavon –  Enjoy Herbster Package – Donated by: Town of Clover, Woody’s Food & Spirits, Pine Cone Ole’s ($30 cash paid by Herbster Community Club due to the loss of Pine Cone Ole’s)
  5. Maggie Ostrenga – Signed Collector Football – Donated by: Green Bay Packers
  6. Cherie Underhill – 18 Hole Round w/c for 2 – Donated by: Apostle Highlands, Inc
  7. Eve Erickson – Wild Rice $100 Gift card – Donated by: Apostle Islands Realty
  8. Keith Tretinyak – Kayak Day Trip – Donated by: Living  Adventures
  9. Carter Lulich – Autographed Tony Oliva Print – Donated by: Minnesota Twins
  10. Roger Peck – 2 Club Level Tickets – Donated by: Milwaukee Brewers
  11. Mike Isaksson – Signed #14 Stefon Diggs – Donated by: Minnesota Vikings


  Herbster Community Club Smelt Fry 2015 by Roger Peck



Herbster Community Club Smelt Fry 2014 by Shirley Nelson