Herbster Community Club Notes

The new Welcome to Herbster signs are standing in place of the old signs which served their purpose well for two decades. We hope the new signs do as well. As we approach the next club fundraiser, we see the need to do our part to preserve another icon of Herbster, the historic log gym. There is serious decay in some of the logs and the Herbster Community Club is in the process of deciding what we will do to keep the old landmark standing. Check back to this page for updates as they are made available.

In the first of two special meetings, the Herbster Community Club voted to contact building contractors who work with logs and estimates were presented to the club members in attendance at the second special meeting. The club voted to award Oulu Log Builders the job of replacing those logs most in need of attention…five horizontal logs in the north wall of the gym, three window sills in the north wall, and two window headers at the west entrance, with the work to be done in September or October this fall.

December update; the contractor chosen by the Club to make the initial repairs to the gym was unable to schedule our work before the end of the construction season, 2016. However, we should be at the top of the list for spring of 2017.