Herbster Community Club Notes


What are we planning for 2018? Oulu Log Builders, as well as others, have recommended that the topcoat on the logs of our Historic Log Gym be stripped and replaced with a product which would be better for the preservation of the logs. The topcoat that was used years ago does not allow the wood to breath so any moisture getting into the logs cannot get out, helping to cause decay as seen by the need for the recent replacement of logs. The job will involve blasting with sand, glass, or corn cob media, replacing the sealant between the logs, and restaining and recoating the logs. The Town of Clover has budgeted money to match funds with the Herbster Community Club to begin this work. At the rate we can raise funds compared to the projected cost of doing this work on the gym we can only expect to complete one fourth or one side of the building each year for the next four years.

We are presently communicating with contractors who work in the log building restoration field to find one that will be a good fit for us. Check back here for updates.