The Herbster Community Club Welcomes You

We are seeking outdoor vendors for the Corn and Brat Fest.

For more information about the upcoming event, including downloadable forms for runners and vendors, click on “events” on the horizontal menu and select “Corn and Brat Fest”.

The next Herbster Community Club event will be the Corn and Brat Fest on August 4, 2018.

Want to see what volunteers have been doing for the club lately? Click on photo gallery under PHOTOS.

For more photos…

The photo archives page does not work as conveniently as one might think it should. Even though it is a bit cumbersome, you can view many more photos by clicking on PHOTOS on the horizontal menu and choosing “photo archives”. Pick a category and point and click “read more”. A page of thumbnails will appear from which you select a photo to view. It will display as a thumbnail by itself. Click on that and it will display full size. Back arrow twice to return to the page of thumbnails.