The Herbster Community Club Welcomes You

Season’s Greetings from the Herbster Community Club


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Herbster Community Club has a long tradition of involvement in local public works projects, such as, donating the new pavilion at the playground and helping the Town of Clover government to restore and maintain the Herbster Log Gym. Another town property in need of attention is the Town of Clover Park Pavilion by the campground which was funded and constructed by community minded people. The years have not been kind to that structure and repairs are needed to save it for future use. There is a great deal of local interest in keeping this piece of Herbster heritage.  Recently the Town of Clover Board asked if our club would act as the project coordinator to make repairs and appearance upgrades to the Clover Town Park Pavilion, and the club members voted to do so. The first thing to be done is to construct a new, stable monolithic concrete foundation to which the old structure can be anchored and then as time and money permits appearance upgrades can be made, such as, stonework facades at the bases of the posts as depicted in the sketch. Total estimated cost of the project is $8059.69, most of which is for materials. Most of the work will be done by volunteers as was the case at the time of the original construction. This year there is a new designation category on the membership renewal form for those of you wishing to donate to this cause.

I’m happy to report that the rechinking of the Herbster Log Gym has been completed. What remains to be done in the immediate future is the proposed washing of the exterior followed by an application of stain to help preserve the integrity and appearance of the logs. As in the past the Herbster Community Club continues to support scholarships, funeral lunches, beautification, and charitable community giving. Members can be proud of the good they do through their donations of time and money.

Wishing you the best New Year,

Dale Fuller, President, Herbster Community Club