The Herbster Community Club Welcomes You


The Corn and Brat Fest is back! 

After a year in seclusion the corn huskers and sausage grillers will be back in action to offer you sustenance while you engage in the raffle and bet on the ducks. Our community bakers will entice you with treats to take home from the bake sale which will raise money for scholarships. See you at the Herbster Log Gym on August 21, 2021 from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.


Herbster Community Club Restores Park Pavilion

By Dale Fuller

At the beginning of the last decade before the turn of the century, money was donated for the materials and volunteers donated their time and skills to build the Clover Town Park Pavilion. The open, airy structure on the south shore of Lake Superior has been enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, but after nearly thirty years of freeze-thaw cycles the support piers and the concrete floor had gone their separate ways. The building was no longer on an even keel and its eventual collapse was inevitable. Residents, both full time and seasonal, expressed interest in keeping the pavilion…enter the Herbster Community Club (HCC).

Although COVID-19 restrictions prevented HCC from having its usual fundraisers to bankroll the repair project, club members, people in the Herbster neighborhood, and area businesses answered the call to make the restoration happen. Club members generously donated money to the cause by way of the annual membership drive. People who call Herbster home and some who call it their home away from home donated their time and equipment to break out the old concrete piers and floor, set the forms for a new concrete monolithic slab, pour and finish the concrete for the new foundation, anchor the old structure to the new foundation, add fresh paint, and lay the stonework for an improved appearance. The names of those volunteers are Rick Glau, Bobby Glau, Jim Reha, Jeff Greene, Lee Kegan, Scot Pittsley, and Dale Fuller. Even with all these donations of money, time, and effort, the Herbster Community Club could not have accomplished the task without the contributions and help of area businesses and contractors including Woodhull Construction, Todd’s Redi-Mix Concrete, Paul Isaksson Logging, Ray’s Masonry, and White River Ag Products. The work was started April 1, 2020, and except for landscaping and some minor details was completed on July 29, 2020.