Herbster Playground Pavilion

On the South Shore of Lake Superior there now stands a new pavilion in the playground at 87190 Bark Point Rd., Herbster. Many people have commented that it seems to be a different color when they come there at various times. The copper color of the roof and pillars may appear different depending on the way the sun hits it and the direction from which you are approaching the pavilion. One has to see it to get the full picture. This pavilion was donated to the Town of Clover by the Herbster Community Club which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our goal for the playground is to have a pleasant and safe environment for children, families and individuals to enjoy. You may sit in the pavilion at the new picnic tables and watch children at play, have a picnic, enjoy the view of the lake and the beautiful sunsets this area is known for. This is a popular place to start your walk on the sandy beach. There is a 3 year plan for improvements to the playground and this year was the first with the new pavilion, repairs and painting to the existing playset, swings, playhouse and a few new things added such as tetherball, volleyball and a little free library where you can take, exchange or contribute a book. It is enjoyable to see the children take a book into the playhouse to read and hear them laugh and have fun, watch older ones play basketball and volleyball. This new pavilion was made possible by monetary donations from HCC members, fundraisers and others, including concrete for the slab from Todd Widdes of Todd's Redi-mix, sand from Germano's Trusty Trucking and labor donated by volunteers. The volunteer committee for this project consisted of Dale Fuller, Chairperson, Gail Reha, Sara Mustonen and  Shirley Nelson, on site coordinator. Commercial building contractor was Peterson Masonry. Slab work volunteers were Dale Fuller, Jeff Greene, Jim Reha, Rick Glau, Scot Pittsley and Dick Mueller. Landscaping and seeding crew were Jim Reha, Les, John, Nancy, Nicole, Shelby, Ethan, Ben, Garrett, Connor, Allison, Scott, Cherie & Dean Luoma, Bruce Glau and Shirley Nelson. In the spring there are plans for some beautification with a flower bed and some shrubs by the pavilion along with a couple of grills for picnic goers. In the future there may be a bocce ball court and resurfacing the basketball court. Volunteers are extremely important to our small community so many projects and fundraisers get accomplished that wouldn't be possible without them.

This article submitted by Shirley Nelson to Bottom Line News and Views 10/21/15 and The Connection 10/27/15