The Herbster Community Club Continues Betterment of the Community in 2016

First of all, let me begin by saying thank you to everyone, club members and non-members alike, who donated time and money to help make 2016 a productive and successful year. You have demonstrated that much can be accomplished when everyone pulls together. Attempting to credit everyone who helped would be exhausting and probably futile, so let's just say that the Club accomplished the following;

  • We launched our own website with the intent of having better communication with our far-flung membership. Additionally, the website is an effective advertising tool. Last April, for example, people searched the web for smelt fries and were pleased that they found our event.
  • A committee of club members came together and designed new "Welcome to Herbster" signs. Rick Maki of Iron River, Wisconsin was hired to make and paint the two signs. In May of 2016 club members completed the job by erecting the signs and applying a coat of protective polish to them.
  • We purchased a new commercial refrigerator for the Community Center kitchen. After years of making do with small household units, the larger refrigerator was a welcome convenience to all who serve food at the gym.
  • The original, vintage drinking fountain in the gym was restored to functioning condition. This involved cleaning the old porcelain bowl, replacing the old hardware, running new water line, and to improve water quality, installing a water filter. After all, what gymnasium is complete without a drinking fountain?
  • You may have noticed our swan decoy at the playground last summer. This was recommended by a club member as a low impact means of deterring geese from the area and it appeared to work. We like wildlife, but we also want to avoid the health hazard to children caused by geese using the same grounds.
  • We recognized the urgent need to make repairs to the gym, namely some rotting logs in the north wall as well as three window sills and two window headers. With permission from the Town of Clover board we got estimates for the work and chose a contractor. Winter set in before the work could be done, but the job should be completed in the next construction season.
  • We sponsored the Community Cookout and Ice Cream Social. Everyone was welcome and there was no charge. Members and non-members donate time, money, baked goods, etc. community causes and deserve a token of appreciation from the club.

These things were done in addition to the club fundraisers, the Herbster Smelt Fry and Corn and Brat Fest, our scholarship program, flowers for beautification, playground maintenance, highway clean up, providing funeral lunches, and bringing a bit of cheer in the form of flowers or fruit baskets to those dealing illness or injury.

All in all, a good year. Looking forward to another.